21. – 25. Juni 2021

Summer School: Ukraine – Opportunities and Challenges for Dialogue

Learn about conflict and dialogue in the context of Ukraine

How can peace and conflict studies contribute to understanding conflict dynamics in Ukraine? What are the opportunities for conflict settlement in Ukraine through dialogue at the local, national and international levels? What obstacles do these efforts face? The 2020 swisspeace summer school provides an overview of current academic and policy debates on conflict resolution, dialogue and peacebuilding and critically reflects on their relevance for the Ukraine context.

Following an introduction to peace and conflict theories and the architecture of international peacebuilding, participants will analyze the situation in Ukraine and reflect on opportunities and pitfalls for dialogue and conflict settlement in the current context. What are the main developments in Ukraine since 2014? Who are the key actors and what are the main drivers of conflict domestically and internationally? How can the root causes of the conflict be addressed? What is the status of the settlement process and what role do international actors play?

Participants will discuss these questions with inputs from a faculty made up of senior practitioners and scholars. Participants also have the opportunity to work on specific topics relevant to the Ukraine context in the areas of dialogue, peacebuilding, mediation and state-building.


2.800 CHF