26. – 30. September 2022

Systemic Conflict Analysis (within the full-time course)

The 5-day courseis offered to practitioners of peace and conflict work as well as those who intend to work in the field. Whether you are experienced or new in the field of peace and conflict / peacebuilding, this course will be an invaluable addition to your conflict analysis toolbox. There will be a maximum of 18 participants in the course.


There is more to a conflict than just one particular cause or single event. It is therefore of decisive importance for peacebuilding projects to take the whole system and all parties involved into consideration when conducting a conflict analysis. A nuanced and thorough analysis is essential to finding the right approach to a peace project and to anticipating the possible effects of intervention.

In this seminar, participants will use real conflict case studies to familiarize themselves with the various steps of a systemic conflict analysis. They will also learn how to identify entry points for interventions and how to develop conflict transformation strategies.

Key Topics

  • Introduction to systems thinking and conflict analysis
  • The systemic conflict analysis: the 7 step approach
  • Application to real conflict case studies
  • Employing a systemic approach to conflict analysis/systems & developing a conflict transformation strategy and programme