20. – 23. März 2023

Power and Identities in Peace and Conflict Work

Thematic Training for peace and conflict work

(c) forumZFD

The 4-day thematic trainingis offered to practitioners of peace and conflict work, humanitarian or development cooperation, or those who intend to work in these fields.


Identity is complex, fluid and changing. Identity power and relationships can be used as an instrument for inclusion, but also othering, and can therefore prove to be pivotal  in conflict transformation. Peace and conflict work includes  working with a multitude of actors who have various and multi-faceted identities and  often unequal access to power. Their different perspectives on the conflicts in question, their role and willingness to engage in peacebuilding are essential in addressing the root causes and elements of conflict.

The training aims to enable peace and conflict workers to play a role in supporting or providing a space where conflicts are constructively addressed, while at the same time giving them a chance  to critically explore  identity and power for themselves and reflect on their own motivations, roles, legitimacy and impact in the field.